The Dan K Show Interviews Las Vegas Thunderbirds History-Making Goalie, Yale Recruit Naomi Baechler

The Dan K Show, the Most Watched Show In Junior Hockey, caught up with newly-signed Las Vegas Thunderbirds goaltender Naomi Baechler, who will become the first-ever female goalie in the #USPHLPremier this coming season! The Dan K Show talked to Naomi about making history, paving her path to college hockey (with a spot at Yale University ahead of her) and her excitement about the season to come!



Summertime recap: 

“I was in Europe for six weeks, so a bit of a break there, but I’ve already restarted today, tomorrow pretty much every day until I fly out to Vegas.”


On Yale commitment:

“Obviously I was ecstatic. Yale was my dream school since June 15 of sophomore year. They emailed me at midnight that day, and since then it’s always been my goal. For a little while wasn’t sure where I was going. then finally in November of last year, my senior year, I got the call and that was it. I was committed, so I’m super excited, amazing team, amazing school, amazing coaching staff.


On goaltending style:

“I’d say that I am a presence on the ice. I think I’m very calm and if I make a big save, I’m not going to make a big deal of it, which can sometimes be frustrating for the other team, but is very fun for me.”


Advice for young goaltenders: 

“I would tell them to take it easy. One of my big mistakes in past seasons has been to never stop, keep going, every week. I was doing every single summer camp, every single showcase. But I found out by the time the season started, I was already burnt out. I started to take some time off. Get on the ice a couple times a week, do your best while you’re there, work hard obviously, but don’t be afraid to take some time off and do something for yourself. Explore anything else the world has to offer.”