UPDATE: Weather Necessitates Scheduling Adjustments, Sets Up Two-Game Northwest Play-In Series

This article is updated from an earlier post, due to a further change in the schedule made Friday. 

By USPHL Staff

With the Lake Tahoe Lakers unable to make the trek to Rogue Valley to face the Royals due to inclement weather, the USPHL has made the following scheduling adjustments for the following weekend of the regular season:

1) Seattle, who was scheduled to play Bellingham three times this weekend and has already claimed second place in the Northwest Division, with no chance to advance to first place or fall to third, will play a single Friday night game against Bellingham.

2) Bellingham will travel to Rogue Valley for a two-game set with the victor claiming the final playoff position in the Northwest Division.

“The cooperation of our owners to solve such a complex problem is a credit to all of them. The strength of our league starts at the top with ownership, and it is this leadership that has paved the way for the USPHL to be America’s largest junior hockey league.” Commissioner Bob Turow stated. “A special thanks to Seattle’s Mike Murphy and Bellingham’s Mark Ronney for making concessions and advancing our game.”


This Weekend’s Schedule
2/24/2023 7:30 PM PST Seattle Totems vs. Bellingham Blazers at Bellingham SportsPlex
2/25/2023 7:00 PM PST Rogue Valley Royals vs. Bellingham Blazers at The RRRink
2/26/2023 1:30 PM PST Rogue Valley Royals vs. Bellingham Blazers at The RRRink