#USPHLCommitments Profile: Charlotte Rush’s Weisert Bound For Norwich University

By Joshua Boyd / USPHLPremier.com 


Two years of development in the USPHL Premier paid great dividends for Southlake, Texas, resident Jared Weisert as he was able make his NCAA commitment this spring to the Norwich University Division III hockey team in Northfield, Vt. 

“I first started speaking with Norwich towards the end of November. Coach [Cam] Ellsworth appreciates the way that I see the ice and sees what I could potentially offer based around his team’s systems,” said Weisert. “I felt like he understands me as a player and has great strategies for my development.”

Norwich is bringing in a player who has put up 104 points in 87 regular season games in two Premier seasons, first with the Ogden Mustangs and then with the Charlotte Rush this past season. He also registered 11 points in 14 playoff games, including back-to-back trips to Nationals with two teams. Playing on the big stage is the way of the Cadets, who’ve made the NCAA Division III tournament 19 times in the last 28 years since 1996, including winning the title four times in that stretch. 

“The first thing you see when you look up Norwich is the rink along with their history of success on the ice. As the oldest private military college in the U.s., it is steeped in tradition and has a rich history,” said Weisert. “The smaller class sizes and ability to personally interact with the professors was very attractive to me. Everyone at the school is committed to helping the students and athletes succeed.” 

Northfield, Vt., will be as different an environment from Southlake, Texas, Ogden, Utah, or Charlotte, N.C., as you’ll find. Weisert’s ready for the change. 

“When I visited Norwich, I loved the beauty of the rural, mountain location. There are so many options for outdoor activities,” said Weisert. “I like the mix of military and civilian student life and the school spirit surrounding hockey. At the end of the day the legacy of the school and Coach Ellsworth were a big part of my decision. I am interested in pursuing a degree in international business, while also receiving a well-rounded education.”

When he signed on with Charlotte, he didn’t hear a sales pitch – he heard dyed-in-the-wool true numbers. This year, nine Rush are headed for the NCAA Division III ranks. 

“Coach Jewell told me he would help get me to the next level and I’ve repeatedly seen him do it for other players,” added Weisert. “Besides being proven champions and consistently being at the top of the league, the structure and discipline of the team helped me mature and develop in ways I could not have foreseen. [Nine] of my teammates are committed to move on to the next level and others are still in the decision process. That speaks volumes about what the league does to develop players,” said Weisert, of his two years in the USPHL Premier. 

Now, Weisert will spend the rest of the spring and summer getting his game to the point where he can contend for major NCAA minutes. 

“I’ve been really focused on my skating,” Weisert added. “My skating has always been one of my weaknesses and I think it will be really  important to add a step going into the bigger and faster college game.”

The USPHL congratulates Jared Weisert, his family, the Charlotte Rush and Norwich University for his commitment.