#USPHLCommitments: Richmond’s Hall Excited To Be Bound For SUNY-Potsdam

By Joshua Boyd / USPHLPremier.com 


Jakub Hall has seen more of North America than most people his age. He grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, moved to Michigan to play AAA hockey for the Meijer program, and then went on his USPHL Premier journey in North Carolina and Richmond, Va. 

His next stop will be another new pin on the map for the well-traveled 2002-born forward – the State University of New York at Potsdam. Hall just completed his second Premier season, but first with the Generals, and his per-season point average was a very respectable 35.5. That’s an easy one to figure out, given he posted 36 points last year and 35 this season. 

Hall was also instrumental in not just getting the Generals to the USPHL Nationals, but reaching the semifinals. It’s all part of the Jakub Hall experience about which SUNY-Potsdam is very excited. 

“I started talking to Potsdam around mid-March. They like that I am big, fast moving two way forward, who’s not afraid to use the body,” said Hall, who will join teammates Lenny Perno and Jack McCandless at Potsdam. “I like that the class sizes are pretty small, which would allow more of a connection with the teachers, and also the culture of the hockey team. I really liked how close everything is on campus. The facilities for the sports are located on campus which means everyone has the opportunity to show up. What made me officially commit were the coaches that showed a lot of interest and the feel of the school made me feel like I was right back in Alaska.” 

He is also looking forward to getting more time to line up with Perno and McCandless in their new college hockey future. 

“While living and playing hockey with them, we bonded and became very close friends. They are both really good guys, and being able to do that again for four more years, I am very excited,” he said. 

The Generals liked Hall so much they made him an Alternate Captain for his only season in Richmond. He obviously adapted quickly to his new surroundings. 

“I was only with the Generals for the one season, but while I was there, I learned about their culture and what it means to be a good teammate,” he added. “The on ice training and skills sessions helped me improve my individual game as well as my cooperation with teammates.” 

Another aspect of playing for the Generals that helped was going into a tough battle every single weekend, whether it was Hampton Roads, Nashville, Potomac, Charlotte or Carolina. 

“Having played in the USPHL, I was very fortunate to play in the South Division, as I believe it is the hardest division to play in,” Hall said. “Having been there, it prepared me for the tough division of the SUNYAC.” 

If he’s home over the summer, it’s a good thing the sun doesn’t really go down at all in Alaska. He needs the long days to get done with all he has on his to-do list before heading back to the Continental 48 for SUNY-Potsdam. 

“Over the summer, I will be working on protecting the puck, using my body to create time and space to make plays below the circle,” said Hall. “I will also be working on my acceleration out of stops and starts. Shooting and stickhandling can always improve and I will be working vigorously on and off the ice.”

The USPHL congratulates Jakub Hall, his family, the Richmond Generals and SUNY-Potsdam for his commitment!