Unveiling a New Era: Las Vegas Thunderbirds Debut AI-Designed Logo

By Las Vegas Thunderbirds Staff

The Las Vegas Thunderbirds, a Junior Hockey Team in the USPHL Premier Pacific Division, today unveiled an exciting new team logo, marking a significant milestone in the team’s history. This innovative logo, designed with the help of cutting-edge AI tool Midjourney, signals a dynamic shift not just for the Thunderbirds, but for the entire world of sports branding.

Rumor has it that the Thunderbirds are the first and possibly the only sports team to have a logo created with the help of artificial intelligence. This groundbreaking approach aligns with the forward-thinking and pioneering spirit that Las Vegas Thunderbirds always embody.

The fresh logo retains the iconic Thunderbird as well as the orange and black team colors, representing the team’s unstoppable spirit, resilience, and commitment to excellence. However, it now incorporates a unique ‘V’ shape, a distinct nod to the team’s home city – Las Vegas, reinforcing the deep bond the Thunderbirds share with their city and their fans.

“Designing the new logo with the help of an AI tool has been a unique experience,” said Marco Benvenuti, one of the team owners. “This new design, seamlessly blending tradition and innovation, truly captures the essence of our team and our home city.”

The Thunderbird in the logo symbolizes not just the team’s name but also the spirit of the players – their agility, their fearlessness, and their readiness to strike when the moment is right, qualities that are shared with the mythological Thunderbird.

As the Thunderbirds continue their journey, this logo stands as a symbol of their commitment to innovation, their connection to their city, and their ever-burning passion for the game.

The new logo, starting today, will appear on all team merchandise, social media platforms, and digital properties. It’s not just a new look for the Thunderbirds – it’s a bold statement about embracing change, pursuing innovation, and staying committed to their roots. The original logo will still be featured in a special alternate home jersey to celebrate “retro night”.

Las Vegas Thunderbirds are excited to embrace this fresh chapter, sporting their new logo with pride. This is just the beginning of a new era for the Thunderbirds, one marked by pioneering spirit, unity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.